2015 Reflection

2015 has treated me well. The year started off stable and ended with a big change. Overall, I’m really happy with how the year turned out.

Some highlights:

  • Andrew Clarke and Vitaly Friedman prsented at SydCSS
  • Saw one of my close friends got married
  • Roast piggy at Four In Hand
  • Farm stay at Back2Earth for my birthday
  • Learnt to knit and finished my first beanie (My second one still has a long way to go… why did I pick to knit the hardest thing!)
  • Visited Hong Kong with Binh, saw pandas in Chengdu, travelled to Jiuzhai Valley National Park and some of the most amazing sceneries.
  • Joined Lookahead Search as a Technical Recruiter
  • Celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary at Tetsuya’s
  • Got our first new old zoom zoom
  • Weekend trips in Melbourne and Sunshine Coast with Binh

Thank you 2015. I look forward to writing my end of year reflection in a year’s time.

Binh and I being silly

Afternoon tea in HK

Jiuzhai Valley National Park