Last Friday I resigned from my role as a front-end developer at Learnosity. I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and try my hands in something new. I’ll be joining Lookahead Search as a technical recruiter in November.

Surprised? Yeah me too. It’s a big change from being a developer. I’ll be coding less and spending more time working with people. So why the change? A few months ago, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a scrum master for my team, while still being a developer. I really enjoyed being able to “look after” the team. Challenging at times, but when I see the team is happy and working well together, it gives me a real sense of satisfaction. And that got me thinking, “Will I enjoy working closely with people on a day to day basis?”. I’ve known Lookahead for a while. They helped me look for work on one occassion, and I know a lot of friends who have worked with them. From what I can see, they genuinely want to connect good people with good companies. I really like that: a genuineness to help people and establish long-term relationships. Having a good job can make a big difference in someone’s life and I really want to help others to do that. I figured while the opportunity is there, I should give it a go.

Then came the time when I had to tell work about it. I first told my manager, my CTO then my scrum team. Each time I broke the news to people, I started welling up. I did not think I would be this emotional. In fact, I’ve never been this emotional about leaving somewhere. It was the most difficult “breakup” I’ve ever had. I really enjoy working with the teams, especially my scrum team. It makes me very sad that I’m leaving them. After I’ve told the team, I sent an email to the rest of the company about it. Then replies to my email started coming in. I was so touched reading every one of them. Everyone was saying how sorry they were to see me go, and how much they appreciated the contribution I’ve made to the product and to the team. I honestly didn’t realise I had that much of an impact on the company. I didn’t think people would care that much. I didn’t think I would leave much of a hole to fill. But the emails from everyone said the opposite. While they made me even more sad about leaving, I was really happy to know that I was able to make a difference to the front-end standards, the culture and diversity at work.

That afternoon I decided to put a tweet out to tell my friends about my new role. I was pretty nervous. What if people think I’m going to the “dark side” and start questioning me? What if people think differently of me? But the reactions were all super positive. Everyone congratulated me and were happy for me. I guess that’s thanks to Lookahead having a good reputation in the industry. My heart was soaring with happiness and pride. I feel proud to be joining a team that’s respected in the industry. I really cannot wait to contribute to this team.

It has been a very emotional week: a combination of tears, excitement, heartbreak and hopefulness. Very bittersweet.