What a year

Ah it’s been more two months since I last blogged. Life’s been very busy the past three months and when I’m busy, I kind of let the things I enjoy doing slip, so that’s my excuse for not having blogged for a while.

2013 has been a huge year for me. It’s been a very busy but great one. To summarise in order of occurence:

It felt like everything was happening at once especially the last three months. It was stressful but I’m so glad the year has turned out the way it did. My biggest takeaway for the year? Confidence. Even though I only spoke publicly a grand total of 25 minutes in the entire year, it still gave me a lot more confidence than anything else I’ve done.

New year resolution for 2014? Continue to be happy, content, healthy and keep doing what I’m passionate about. Also to cook Jamie Oliver’s 15 minutes meal in 15 minutes.