First SydCSS

I’M ON SUCH A HIGH RIGHT NOW! Seriously, I’m buzzing. Not from an overdose of caffeine or sugar, but because THE FIRST NIGHT OF SYDCSS WAS A FRIGGING SUCCESS! I am just soooooo happy with how well it went. It’s almost 12:30am now but I just want to capture everything about the night while it’s still fresh in my mind.

###Why SydCSS? I love CSS (most of the time). And I love talking to people about CSS/front-end in general. A lot of people I follow on Twitter from the US and Europe would tweet about various CSS-related talks at different meetups. They always made me feel jealous and a little sad that we didn’t have something similar here. I really wanted to have the same tight knit community they’ve got, so I could share with people the new RWD technique I learnt, or whinge together about the difficulty of doing vertical alignment in this day and age. I just wanted to meet more people like me, so what better way to do that than to start a meetup group to bring everyone together! :) Lucky for me, my friend David was keen on the idea as well and was more than happy to help put this together.

###The preparation After organising the meetup, I have a new found respect for people who organise conferences. There was certainly a lot of work involved. We put our page up on, thinking if anyone would actually want to join. But with the power of social media, words got out and we now have > 150 members in 2 months time. I’m not sure what the sign up rate is like normally, but I am more than happy with how well-received the group has been so far. We contacted the speakers we wanted to have on the first night, and both Russ Weakley and Alex Danilo agreed immediately to come and speak. We also went and got our own portable lectern, screen and projector. All for the love of the meetup group!

We wanted the meetup to have a fun and relaxed feel, and make it a bit more different. Instead of pizza you’d normally get at meetups, we decided to provide homemade popcorn on the first night! Well, in truth, it was also because we don’t have a sponsor yet to help with the food :) I made about 3 pots worth of popcorn. There was A LOT of it!


###On the night Yesterday I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting for Christmas to arrive at 6:30pm that night. I was nervous about MC’ing for the first time, excited that it was finally happening and also worried that no one would turn up. To cut the story short, everything went extremely well. We held our first meetup at Web Directions office. It has a nice and relaxing feel about it so it was perfect. More people than expected turned up, both talks were engaging and informative, the popcorn went down well (yay!), no major technical issues (phew!)… It was just amazing. When I walked around during the break, people were mingling, chatting, laughing, and I could actually hear conversations about CSS. I thought to myself, “Wow. People are actually here talking about it!”. I’m sorry I’m not good at describing it better, but the whole night had such a great vibe and a lot of it had to do with the great audience we had. So big thank you to everyone who came last night!

MC’ing for the first time with David. Eek!

MC'ing for the first time

David with our presenters

David with the presenters

Our happy audience!

David with the presenters

###The first of many Both David and I were so happy with how well it went. We really couldn’t have asked for a better start. Feedbacks have all been positive so far and we are looking forward to making the next one even better. I also just want to give a shout-out to David for being such a great organiser. He thought of all the details I didn’t think about and did a lot of the preparation. Thanks David!!! Really couldn’t have done it without you :)

###Want to join? Or sponsor? If you want to get notified about when our next meetup is going to be, go to And if you are interested in sposnoring this fun and friendly community, you can contact us at sydcssgroup at gmail dot com.

So… can we rewind the clock now and do SydCSS all over again tonight?

Happy organisers